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7. Desire God’s Word

Check out this article: 7. Desire God’s Word  From the series: KingdomNomics Applied

And Finally : My thoughts!

In our “busy” lives we have time to watch the latest series on Netflix, our favorite sporting event on ESPN, or read our favorite novel. But, for some reason spending time with God by reading his word does not seem of any importance.

I must admit that I am as guilty as anyone. But, what would happen if our Father in heaven didn’t have the time for us? He spent his spare time talking to the angels or conversing with the souls who are already with him. What if He didn’t hear the cries of those who are hungry and thirsty? What if the prayers of those who are angry and depressed were completely ignored, no matter how hard they prayed.

Just imagine if we would take just twenty minutes a day to read God’s word and let the truth of those words filter into our lives. How much of a difference in our lives if we gave .014 percent of our day and gave it to getting to know God. It doesn’t seem like much of an effort, but what a difference it would make in not only our personal lives but also the difference it would make in the entire world.

There will be plenty of time to watch Netflix, the game of your favorite sports team will go on whether we watch it or not, and the score will not change. The place in your e-book will be saved for you. But, how much more important is our eternal life.

God is waiting patiently for us, and He will welcome us with open arms as long as it takes.

Let’s start today, before it’s too late!

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