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9. Sow to the Spirit


Check out this article: 9. Sow to the Spirit From the series: KingdomNomics Applied

Memorizing anything is becoming more and more difficult for me, simply, because I am getting older. Trying to remember scripture is no different. But, what I find is helpful is to take the words I read and associate them with where I am at that moment.

When we pray are we not praying for what is going on around us in present time. In essence when we read scripture we are reading the words of our Father, given to us. He already knew the words before they even transpired.

Use the word of God as a prayer from God to us, then put them into the life that you are living at that moment in time. Then when a new moment appears in your life the words will be come to you as the rays of sunlight filters through a cloudy sky.

Times change but the lives and thoughts of people through time remain constant.

Please check out the introduction chapter of my entitled “masterpiece in progress”. by pressing the link below. Any comments about anything that you may have will be greatly apreciated.

Life’s journey takes you to places unknown. That is what life is all about. Without those journeys, life would not move forward it would remain still and stagnant. Open your heart and mind as if life were a cruise around the world. So once you have returned, you can appreciate what God has given you.

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