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The Blood of Christ!

You may be asking, why do I have a bottle of Dawn dishwashing liquid as the lead picture on this blog? Dawn Ultra Antibacterial with 50% less scrubbing no less.

Is it the green color? No.

How about the picture of the Apple? No.

Am I promoting the product? Definately No. Although it does work.

I was washing the dishes this morning. Yes, I was using the bottle of the above picture. My mind was off somewhere, don’t really know where. ( I usually don’t know where my mind wanders off to most of the time) It’s as if it has a mind of it’s own. HaHa!

But anyway, I glanced down at the bottle and the first thing that I saw were the words 50% less scrubbing, like a bolt of lightening coming from the sky I thought, how much scrubbing does God do on me everyday, 25%, 50%, 75%.

The answer is none of the above. God scrubs me clean 100% everyday, Everyday is a new day, I am scrubbed fresh and clean, Just as each day is a brand new day, I am a brand new person, all my sins are washed clean, I can start anew.

With the ressurection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, our sins are scrubbed clean. And, the greatest thing of all is the cost is free, because he paid the cost in full. All He asked is that we trust and believe in Him.

I will never look at that bottle of Dawn the same way again, but most importantly I know that as long as long as I have faith my body will be washed clean of the dirt that I collect every single moment of every single day of my entire life.

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