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Measurement of Time!

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Inspiring Story: A Letter From God 

Inspirational Christian Story 

As you got up I watched and hoped you would talk to me. Just a few words, such as thanking  me for something good in your life yesterday or last week would do. 

But I noticed you were busy selecting the right clothes for work. I waited again to hear from  you. When you ran around the house collecting papers, I knew there would be a few minutes  to stop and say hello, but you never slowed down. 

I wanted to tell you that I could help you accomplish more than you ever dreamed possible if  you would just spend some of each day with me. At one point, you waited fifteen minutes in  a chair with nothing to do. I waited to hear from you. 

Then I saw you spring to your feet; I thought you wanted to talk to me, but you ran to the  phone and called a friend. I watched as off to work you went and waited patiently all day long  to hear from you. With all your activities you were too busy to talk with me. 

I noticed at lunch you looked around; maybe you just felt embarrassed to talk to me. You  glanced three tables over and noticed some of your friends talking to me before they ate, but  you wouldn’t. 

There was still more time left, and I hoped that we would talk. You went home and had many  things to do. After they were done, you turned on the TV; just about anything goes there and  you spend many hours watching. I waited as you continued watching TV and ate your meal  but again you wouldn’t talk to me. 

At bedtime you were totally tired. After you said good night to your family you plopped into  bed and fell asleep. I had so much wanted to be part of your day. We could have had so much  fun and accomplished so much together. 

I love you so much that I wait every day for a thought, prayer or thanks. Well, maybe  tomorrow! I’ll be waiting. 

Your Friend, 


-Author Unknown

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Field and house with sea and mountain view by Andrew Hill is licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.0

Time isn’t measured by minutes and seconds. It is measured by the amount of it you spend with others and with God”

James Inlow

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