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Church greeters on a Sunday morning have a very important role. They are the first people who worshipers meet as they enter the building. Through their friendly smiles and welcoming attitudes, they let everyone know people are valued and welcome. In today’s passage, Paul gives final instructions to the church in Rome. As is true in our churches today, there were people at many different stages of their spiritual journey. Some were young believers, still…

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https://www.todayintheword.org/issues/2022/our-present-and-future-hope/daily-devotional/now-and-forever/ https://fineartamerica.com/featured/the-majestic-james-inlow.html?newartwork=true For more photos and digital art from my new store click on link below. Where you can purchase wall art, mugs, tshirts, and much, much more. https://1-james-inlow.pixels.com/

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From her bedroom window, Rebecca eyed the children playing in the snow enviously. How she longed to play with them!“Now, Rebecca,” she remembered her father telling her that morning. “You can’t play in the snow today.” “Why not, Father?” Rebecca had asked. Every day, the neighborhood children gathered at a park just behind Rebecca’s house. “Just trust me, Rebecca. It’s not what’s best for you today,” her father had replied. At the time, Rebecca had…

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The Birth of a Star

The birth of a star Henry is an astronomer. He is very excited because he thinks he might have discovered the beginning of a new star. But then he gets even more exciting news … he’s going to be a father! 5 June 2006 Henry looks carefully into the telescope which lets him see far, far away, as far away as the distant nebulae on the far edges of the Milky Way. Henry is an…

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Bridge over troubled water

Whether it be the deep depths of an ocean, or the shallow waters of a stream, God will protect you with a bridge leading you to the other side. Where you will find peace and tranquility. The bridge may be full of holes and bumps, but the effort of the journey will be far more worth the pain and hurt. Listen “Bridge over troubled water” by Simon and Garfunkel

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Blessed are those who hunger and thirst

For they shall be satisfied During the long, sizzling summer months, I can’t seem to quench my thirst. I can’t seem to drink enough water, and I don’t mean tap water. I mean ice cold, directly from the refrigerator with ice added in for good measure water. And I don’t just use just any old glass; oh no, I put it in my filtered 24oz—aluminum Brita. You would think I was suffering from dehydration because…

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