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Photography has become a new love of mine in the past few months. I have always enjoyed “taking pictures,” but actual photography was never necessary, partly from my daughter-in-law’s enthusiasm and the loaning me of her old digital camera. I began to understand the difference. Photography is not just about the picture; it is what the image means to you. Does it make you happy or sad? Does it calm you or bring you excitement?…

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Are we masters of our own fate, or are we prisoners of our minds? Is the direction we travel up to us, or are we destined to travel down the road assigned? In my opinion, yes and no. That just clears everything up, doesn’t it? When Adam and Eve were created, the Garden of Eden was their home. They were free to do whatever they wanted and eat anything that looked appealing to them, except…

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When God sent the rainbow to Noah, he made the promise that never again would he destroy the earth. The rain stopped, the clouds cleared, and the mountain peaks reappeared from the depths of the sea. Life began anew with the promise that God would protect them and keep them safe. God’s promise does not mean that things will always go the way we want. It means that he will never fail us and he…

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Don’t let the lies escape from the depths of your mind, for they are from the one who is the opposite of the truth. Don’t allow the seed of sin and deception; to germinate like a weed. Until it strangles the blooms that are blooming within you. As the spring brings back the lifeless flowers from the depths of the ground. God’s spirit will bring back the joy that is blooming within you. GIVE THANKS…

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After a full day of rain yesterday, today is dry and cool. The sun is peaking through the clouds giving everything a freshness of an early spring day. Spring gives us hope of a new day, stop and listen to the songs of the birds, and feel the breeze as the trees sway to the motions of the movement. Some with flowers, while others are adorned with leaves, while others are still waiting for their…

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THE DOGWOOD TREE When Christ was on earth, the dogwood tree grew To a towering size with a lovely hue it’s branches were strong and interwoven. And for Christ’s cross it’s timbers were chosen. Being distressed at the use of the wood, Christ made a promise which still stands good. “Not ever again shall the dogwood grow to be large enough for a tree and so slender and twisted it shall always be With cross-shaped…

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These pictures were taken just months after the pandemic hit the world with a force that hadn’t been seen in over a century. All over the world people became sick from this terrible virus, some of them with mild symptons others needed to be hospitalized and too many died. Those who weren’t sick were stuck inside, not able to work, go to the grocery store, visit family or friends. The only way of communication was…

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It is really hard for the seeds of ideas to germinate in my head, when my mind is filled.with all kinds of clutter. Inspiration just does not just “pop” into my head. I have to clear the weeds and start with a clean slate. Where do I start? Sometimes I just go outside and enjoy the scenery of nature, listening to the singing of the birds or the hooting of a owl. Sometimes I get…

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